Indoor plant pot hangers

Indoor plant pot hangers

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Indoor plant pot hangers and plant racks

Plant Pot Hangers:

If you don’t know how to hang pots from a plant rack, you are going to have to learn. I’m going to cover the most important details of how to do it right.

For me, I don’t get into the details like size or height. I just make sure the pots are all hanging straight up. Some people are very specific about the dimensions and how many pots they need, etc.

If you just keep your eyes open, you are going to find many different variations.

For example, I’ve noticed a lot of people hang pots with a wire pot hanger. They use a string for the pot hanger so it just slides right off the plant once the plant is fully grown.

However, some people use more of a hanger. A hanger could also be used if you use a plant rack.

I ve seen some people use the little rings you can buy to hang a plant hanger on a dowel.

When I was younger, I tried to put a plant pot on a stand, but I never liked the look.

Also, sometimes the plant just keeps on growing and you might need to keep the pot on there for a long time, but if you need to change it, you just take it off and you don’t have a plant stand.

That s why I recommend hanging pots. Because you can just pop them in and out.

You are going to learn a lot more as you keep reading.

It s very basic stuff. I mean that’s the whole purpose of the tutorial.

Just keep your eyes open and you’ll be fine.

I want to mention one thing. If you ever get to a point where you realize you don t need a plant stand, don t go out and buy one.

Once you ve mastered the art of plant hanging, you will have no need for a plant stand.

If you try to sell them you will quickly realize you need to learn how to market your plants.

That s why I included some videos of how to market your plants.

You will be glad you have them.

The rest is very basic.

I ve included all the links at the end of the tutorial.

Just click and you will be able to download the printable files.

I would say this tutorial would take about one hour to complete.

You can do it at your own pace.

That s it for now, good luck!

So once you ve done that, you can use some of the supplies from this tutorial to hang up a lot of your own plants.

Remember, I ve included some links at the end of the tutorial to all the items you ll need.


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I remember when I was a kid. I d go and pick up little plastic trees, greenhouses, maybe a little pond.

But I never really thought that it would work.

Now I look at this plant stand and just laugh.

Because I ve hung up a few now.

That s when you realize the true purpose of this tutorial.

I could have put up one of these.

How s that for a lesson in marketing your plants?

That s what I m talking about.

Because this doesn t teach you about growing your plants.

I mean, it s the basic planting and basic hanging of them.

But if you re ready to start growing your own plants, you should now have some pretty good idea of what to grow them in.

I m talking about pots, and containers, and soil, and lighting.

Once you ve grown that out, you can start thinking about making your own plant stand.

What are you waiting for?

The best part about this tutorial is that you ll be able to recycle materials you have laying around the house.

You ll probably want a good base. I used some wood that I d had sitting around and I d painted it black.

I used some wire mesh to act as a hoop and I actually used some of the wood from this little stand and glued it to the top.

It s not pretty, but I m not going to pretend that this tutorial was easy to do.

This is my house. It s a little messy.

My living room isn t the cleanest.

But you ll see that, you ll have to cut your plants out of wood or cut it apart, you ll glue a bottom and you ll put it together.

And you ll put your finished product on your porch, your front porch, if you re so inclined.

I do.

I ll probably have to do that this summer, actually.

I ve been spending a lot of time in the garage, working on my next video.

And I m not a big fan of the kitchen table. I m a pretty big fan of sitting outside and listening to music.

And I like it when it s just me and my dog, in a nice hot tub.

So this will probably be the house that I use for my next video.

So let s put a finish on this one and talk about planting those plants, okay?

Let s go.

Okay, so the project I m doing is, you know, kind of a long one, so we re going to need a little bit of time.

And I m going to start off with a little demo of cutting your plants out.

So this is some kind of wood, something, and I m just going to rip that apart, cut it apart, so we can do something.

I ll cut around it, so it s just sitting there.



So if you ve got a piece of wood like that, just cut around it.

I m going to cut out the roots here.

And then I m going to cut out the stem.


And then I m going to cut out just the stem.

Then I m going to put a wood glue.

And this, it s called wood filler.

And then you see that little line over here, this is the line that s going to protect the root ball, which is just that little little plant.

All right, so you re just going to put this over the root.

And now it s all protected.

And then once that s dry, all you ve got to do is fill that in with soil.

All right, and when you fill that in with soil, put it on top of your existing soil, not down there, not down there.

It s right above it.

It s the same soil.

You re just going to put it right on top of the soil.

And you ll see this line right here.

I m going to just move that out, so it s going to give the plant a little bit of space to grow.

All right, so we re


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