Garden table plant stand

Garden table plant stand

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Garden table plant stand kits are easy to assemble, sturdy, portable and will keep your plants safe and protected for all of those outdoor summer festivities.

Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or into your first house, summer gardening can be intimidating. You never know where you’ll end up, so you need a plan and have everything you need on hand to handle any storm that comes your way.

Our quick garden kit recommendations below will get you growing right away! We suggest that each kit includes a comprehensive, essential plant care guide. Our comprehensive guide is a great starting point to get you growing. It will guide you step by step through all the basics of plant care and give you the information you need for all things grow. You will also find our complete kit list below!

This is a high quality professional plant stand kit that makes it easy to start and grow. All the things you need are included.

Our plant stand kit contains:

Plant Table stand kit

100% natural plant food

3.5″ air-pop art garden plant stand

(6) caddies

(4) 6-pack watering bottles

planting calendar, and grow guide

As easy to use as an iPad, this plant stand makes it easy to start growing. Our 3.5-inch caddy keeps plants growing vertically. It features two drainage holes for watering. Included is a pin and marker that fits through the drainage holes so you can easily mark which watering days your plants need. And the calendar gives you a quick overview of the weeks remaining in your growing season, so you can quickly estimate when you can grow again. The watering bottles fit in the holder that holds your plants. These can be used for both water and soil.

This kit is designed to grow any houseplant or indoor houseplant. If you grow indoor houseplants, you will need to keep them on a growing tray. Also, indoor houseplants grow best under bright light, and not dim light. If you live in an apartment or condominium, your living space can become so dim that your plants will struggle to grow well. With this garden stand kit, you have everything you need to start growing and have something nice to look at while your houseplants are getting ready to bloom.

Perfect for you if: You are new to the growing hobby. You have a small space to plant in. You like growing houseplants but would like something better.

What you need to know before you plant:

Plants have different needs, so you may need more than one of these kits to get the plants you want.

All plant kits and supplies are for indoor houseplants only. You need a grow tray for growing houseplants if you have your plants grow indoor.

Don’t grow houseplants under bright light because they need full sunlight to grow well.

All plants should be purchased at your local garden center or farm supply store.

As with all our growing kits, you need to purchase a plant identification guide and a grow