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To send an email to Farmlands, please fill in this form and click 'Submit'. Thank you. We operate as a crop production specialist, working with commercial growers to provide innovative and dependable advice, solutions and service. Everything you need for smooth and effective horticulture production is available through our conveniently located Farmlands stores. Our advisory service is backed up by a comprehensive range of horticultural products that our shareholders have full access to. Our motivation is to help you grow better crops and a healthier bottom line.

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Category:Horticulture in New Zealand

Our expertise covers the entire life-cycle of an orchard — from choosing the right land, to building and managing a top-producing asset. Invest in Kiwifruit. Develop Kiwifruit Orchards.

Buy Kiwifruit Plants. Our Company. Get in Touch. Orchards that grow your wealth faster. How can we help? Looking to invest in a kiwifruit orchard? Own a share of a high-performing kiwifruit orchard — and grow your wealth faster. Want to develop a kiwifruit orchard on your land? Partner with us to create a world-class orchard development on your property. Wanting to buy plants from our nursery? Grow faster, bigger crops using our high-quality grafted plants.

A complete end-to-end solution Our expertise covers the entire life-cycle of an orchard — from choosing the right land, to building and managing a top-producing asset. We practice what we preach When you partner with us, you'll benefit from the same knowledge and expertise that has created our own highly successful orchards. Southern Cross Horticulture is the only fully-integrated kiwifruit developer in New Zealand. We create and manage world-class kiwifruit investment opportunities that develop premium returns.

Disclaimer: This website does not constitute a regulated offer for the purposes of the Financial Markets Conduct Act FMCA and is not an offer of financial products to the public. Any offer will be specified in a separate information memorandum. SCH requires investors to certify that they fit within one of the above categories of wholesale investors in order to be eligible for consideration to participate in an investment. All prospective investors are recommended to obtain independent professional advice.

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Horticulture New Zealand

It is the first step towards a career in Horticulture. It is also suitable for anyone with an interest in horticulture who would like to grow plants more successfully. This qualification was designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills of horticulture. It is also suitable for anyone with interest in horticulture and who want to grow plants more successfully. Graduates will benefit by having a breadth of horticulture knowledge and transferable skills valued by the horticulture community which will facilitate improved performance in the workplace and career progression. This qualification will also be suitable for small block owners or for mature learners who wish to gain knowledge of horticultural science in a range of general horticulture growing systems and practices. Please contact the branch for the next available intake.

Our online New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General) Level 3 can help you grow food for the family, design a garden you will be proud of.

Horticulture Courses with the National Trade Academy

The horticulture industry has just endured one of its toughest seasons and it looks like these trying conditions will continue for some time yet. Then there are growing demands around compliance: new central government requirements around freshwater, climate change and health and safety; and ongoing regional and local government plan changes. This taxing and uncertain environment requires growers from across the industry to be resilient. To try and focus on what the recovery will look like, and be ready for when it comes. The Horticulture Conference Resilience and Recovery will focus on the future, in a Covid world that has changed and will continue to change. Our diverse range of speakers will stimulate discussion, and offer insights and perspectives from New Zealand and overseas, industry and government.We have reduced the length of the conference in keeping with current sentiments. What we offer you is quality over quantity, value for money and your investment of time. We will also be ready to move to an entirely online conference, should domestic conditions change.

New Zealand Horticulture

He emphasised that the trade playing field is not level. We send avocados, flowers and bulbs. For example, in our sixth largest market, Korea, tariffs impose a cost on our horticultural products of over forty percent of the shipped value. Honey exports to Korea face a tariff of over percent. Tariffs are not the only barrier facing horticultural exporters.

Get your hands dirty working in real orchards, vineyards, sports fields and farms.

Horticulture Jobs in All New Zealand

This programme develops the skills and knowledge of those employed or seeking employment within horticulture enabling them to contribute at an advanced technical or managerial level. Graduates will be able to:. In all cases the applicant will be required to participate in an online pre-commencement interview with the purpose of verifying the students overall ability of undertake tertiary study. In exceptional circumstances an applicant who does not meet the academic entry requirements may be granted entry to the Fruition Diploma where they supply evidence to satisfy the Academic Committee of their ability to succeed on the programme. Graduates of this programme will be able to apply in-depth horticulture production knowledge and skills to inform strategic business decisions. Learners will develop advanced technical skills to enable enhanced employment opportunities across a range of horticulture production operations.

Orchards that grow your wealth faster.

Back to Home. Study at degree level to PhD. Study from introductory to degree level. Study a specialist programme focused on a career in your chosen industry. Courses start at foundation level. Many programmes emphasize hands-on learning to help students build greater understanding. Check with your preferred education provider to see what your options are.

The RNZIH is an organisation rich in heritage and supports the most popular recreational activity in New Zealand — horticulture and gardening.

We draw on decades of experience in managing horticultural developments. We work closely with investors to set up orchards and packhouses, grow the best NZ cherries and apricots, market produce and set up processes and systems for export. Find out more here. We have two exciting opportunities for both new and experienced investors to get involved in.

Are you passionate about creating inspiring, liveable outdoor spaces? This programme will give you the core technical knowledge and skills to turn your passion and flair for garden design into reality. Click here for a list of the programmes that are covered by this scheme. The New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Services Landscape Design is for budding landscape designers who want to develop their garden design knowledge and skills. Learn the design process, including how to carry out a site analysis and select plants to create sustainable, attractive and functional residential garden designs.

If you enjoy working outdoors then this is the qualification for you. It is a mix of theory and hands on practical training that teaches the fundamentals of horticulture, plant science and naming, pest and disease, soils and gardening skills.

If someone has been seriously injured, become seriously ill, or died as a result of work - phone us on straight away. Notifications made through our online form won't be monitored between 2pm on Friday 24 December and 8. For more information see our page reduced holiday hours - notifications and general enquiries. Information on how to be healthy and safe in the horticulture industry and reduce the risk of shotgun accidents. This guide offers advice on creating a culture which will help keep your farm or orchard and everyone on it healthy and safe. This guidance can help directors, business partners, and growers meet their health and safety obligations.

The New Zealand horticulture sector is currently enjoying a period of growth and prosperity. However, the future operating environment for the horticulture sector is uncertain and unlikely to be a continuation of the current track. There are multiple possible futures with different levels of warning, timeframes and impacts: for example, sudden deep impact occurrences such as the kiwifruit pathogen Psa1 or the Covid19 pandemic compared with a slower burning issue such as the labour shortage. In order to be resilient and successful into the future, the sector needs to be ready to adapt to a changing domestic and global environment.

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