Different landscape design styles

Different landscape design styles

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Different landscape design styles ranging from the historic conservation, multi-purpose ranch, to small community suburban and rural, each with their own aesthetics, circumstances, unique challenges and opportunities.

The design challenge for the USDA-Forest Service is to develop a preferred conceptual framework for planning that will allow the agency to continue to develop and maintain lands, improve fish and wildlife habitats, enhance aesthetics, conserve special values and conserve the forest while balancing the needs of all users and protecting water resources.

Comment period ends April 1st, 2017.

More information and application can be found at:

For further information, contact the Forest Service

Clear Lake Watershed Plan located at :

Clear Lake, U.S. Forest Service

Open container vessel located at

6951 Olney Road

Marysville, WA 99215

Telephone (360) 855-3321

Email: [email protected]

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National Fish Habitat Review:

NPS Canyon Lake Grant Evaluation:

District Land and Resource Management:


Research and Policy:

AHRQ Policy Statement on Lifestyle.

DWR – Oroville Dam Backflow Report

EPA – Board of Trustees | Regional Mercury and PCB Green-up Project

DOI – Quality Fish Habitat Inventory Report

National Assessment of Freshwater Fish Habitat:

North American Waterfowl Management Plan Implementation:

NYS Forestry – River Watch Management

PCB management in NYS

Superfund Law

FWC Reauthorization Act of 2006

C&,O Canal, C&,O Canal Greenway and the New York &, New Jersey Trail Conference

C&,O Canal:

C&,O Canal Walkway:

CNRA Denali National Park – Smoke Creek Watershed Assessment:


North Carolina, U.S. EPA – National Priority List | State Implementation Plan | Methodologies:

National Water Quality Assessment:

National Mining Assessment:

Funded by:

EPA - Forest Service: The $14.4 Million Salmon Recovery Fund will benefit the Snake and Columbia River watersheds in the United States. Funds will help us help Pacific Northwest forest landowners in using conservation measures to address issues that threaten habitat and salmon. As a result of this funding, the US Forest Service will implement the 2008-2009 Salmon Creek Habitat and Watershed Restoration Program, a federal timber sales program in southeast Washington and northwest Oregon. A total of


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