How do you always have an impeccable lawn?

How do you always have an impeccable lawn?

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Lawn mowing is an easy art to master when you follow a few essential parameters!

Using the right equipment for the needs and the layout of the site, choosing the right time and mowing at the right height are the keys to success, in order to obtain a lawn that is always impeccable.

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The good season

Depending on the time of year, the lawn should be mowed differently. The gardener must adapt to the climatic conditions which influence the growth of the grasses making up the lawn.

Mowing the lawn is not just for aesthetics. This operation also makes it possible to fortify it, by causing the branching of the strands and by promoting the growth of tracing roots. Thus the lawn, under the action of mowing, becomes denser, to form a thick, very dense carpet.

  • Spring is undoubtedly the most active period, the rise in temperatures and the fine rains stimulate growth. Cuts should be short and even in order to allow the grasses to expand and spread out. In the case of a recently seeded lawn, mowing also promotes rooting.
  • In summer, the lawn suffers from the heat and sometimes from lack of water if there are restrictions. Grass naturally grows less during this season. To remedy excessive evaporation and limit watering, the lawn is cut less often, and at a higher cutting height (10 cm). The ground is thus shaded by the blades of grass which limits the phenomenon of evaporation. Be careful, mowing is still necessary in summer, as abandoned grass weakens. On the contrary, a lawn mowed too short and too often tends to turn yellow and become dry. Everything is therefore a question of dosage!
  • In autumn, the lawn becomes green again with frequent rains and mild temperatures. The lawn mower resumes more regular service with a shorter cutting height to promote good rooting before winter.
  • Winter is the period of rest, but pruning from time to time for aesthetic reasons can be considered in milder regions.

The right material

The choice is vast among the models of lawn mowers!

To choose yours, it is necessary to take into consideration the surface of the ground to be mowed, its relief, but also your needs.

To mow a very large area, a lawn tractor or a self-propelled hand mower are recommended for their ease of use. Riding mowers are also less tiring than towed mowers for people with back pain.

A good cutting width is also to be taken into consideration when choosing the model. Here again, it will be evaluated according to the area to be mowed. For small lawns a pass width of 30 cm is sufficient, for large fields, aim for 80 to 105 cm of cut so as not to spend hours there. The same goes for the power which as always must be adapted to the surface!

There are thermal or electric models, each with its advantages. The former allow better autonomy but are noisier and require more maintenance. The latter are very practical for small areas, low noise, do not emit exhaust gases and require very little maintenance. Prefer a cordless model with a kit of at least two rechargeable batteries for medium surfaces.

Finally, for all those who do not want to deal with mowing, the robotic lawnmower is the ideal solution! Once installed, it works on its own, regardless of the weather, regularly and can even be considered at night as it makes almost no noise. With it, the lawn is perfect without any effort!

Regardless of the choice of mower, if after a while the grass turns yellow or dries up at the tip, the blades need to be sharp!

After mowing

Once the lawn has been properly mowed, it is necessary to remove the mowing residue. Rather than taking them to the recycling center, it is better to compost them in order to recycle them or better yet, mulch the feet of your ornamental or vegetable plants! Mulching helps preserve the freshness of the soil and therefore reduces watering procedures, while limiting the growth of weeds and fertilizing the soil. It only has advantages!

Good to know : there are mulching mowers, or classic models on which a mulching kit can be installed, making the mower more versatile. This type of mower cuts mowing residue into very fine chaff and propels it to the sides. The residues thus remain on the lawn forming an almost invisible protective and fertilizing mulch.

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