An anthurium for more exoticism

An anthurium for more exoticism

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In winter, celebrate the exotic with Anthurium!

At the end of the year, we adopt an anthurium without hesitation. Why ? Because it is perfect in holiday decorations and its long bloom is a real Christmas present!

My beautiful anthurium, king of the month of December, how I love your bract… This could be the new Christmas carol, celebrating this plant that brings color to winter. Sleek and stunning at the same time, she is the perfect ambassador for the holiday season in her traditional red and green version. But it also holds surprises in terms of look. Every year, in fact, we see arriving at florists, new species with surprising colors. Enough to imagine dreamy settings to celebrate the magic of these days full of joy and conviviality.

Anthurium, a great wind of exoticism

As temperatures plummet, anthurium warms the atmosphere with its little something exotic. Originally from the tropical regions of Colombia, Guatemala and the Brazilian Amazon, he has a slightly proud appearance that evokes the Latin American temperament and invites one to dream of these distant horizons.

We imagine him thus, blooming and happy, in a hot and humid forest. It is visualized, comfortably clinging to a tree trunk, enjoying the light while remaining out of direct sunlight.

Theanthurium is, in fact, an epiphytic plant with poorly developed roots that likes to lodge on a host without invading or withdrawing its food. In short, a plant of good company.

A family that continues to grow with anthurium

In recent years, anthurium has been the subject of much attention and growing interest. The result: an assortment that has grown. So now we find large lacquered anthuriums, with a loose shape reminiscent of funny elephant ears or more compact with small inflorescences.

The color palette has also been enriched. Pink, lilac, lemon, green, brown and even two-tone and speckled versions have been added to the white and red classics! But the lacquered anthurium is not alone ... There are many other varieties: the matt anthurium or anthurium scherzerianum Schott, with a spiral spike, the anthurium "Renaissance", the anthurium "Rain Forest", the anthurium "Jungle King" or even anthurium "Clarinervium" with superb decorative green leaves. Some of them offer up to 300 days of flowering.

No doubt, anthurium is a real one Christmas gift !

Be careful, this is not a flower

The anthurium has a surreal side to it. Indeed, the colored part, which we often take for the flower, is, in reality, its bract. Its flowers are very small and hidden in the ear ... But ultimately these characteristics do not matter, what matters being its incomparable beauty and allure.


Astonishing and elegant, theanthurium is a source of decorating inspiration for the holidays. Red and white, it is perfectly in line with the end of the year. It is staged in shiny black, silver or gold pots which underline its beautiful classic look. We also do not hesitate to highlight its beautiful thick roots by placing it in a glass jar.

With him you can also learn about the Japanese art of kokedama by wrapping clods of earth in moss balls reminiscent of Christmas balls and presenting them on pretty iridescent cups. Enough to breathe a delicately festive spirit.

Maintain your anthurium well

It's not complicated, but there are a few basic things you can do to cultivate a lasting bond with your anthurium.

• Place your pot in a bright room but not in direct sunlight. Anthurium does not like the cold. The ambient temperature must therefore be tempered.

• Make sure that the clod of earth is always damp. But be careful, there is no question of letting water stagnate in the bottom of the pot because its roots do not like prolonged baths.

• Water is sprayed regularly on its leaves to replicate the humidity of the rainforests it is native to.

• Finally, we give it a small dose of fertilizer every three weeks: abundant flowering guaranteed!

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Each month its plant

The Phalaenopsis is the houseplant of the month for September 2018. "Every Month Its Plant" is an initiative of the Dutch Flower Board. Each month, in cooperation with representatives of the ornamental horticultural sector, he selects a plant that is popular with the general public, or on the contrary not (yet) very well known, but which has the potential to be popular in the living room. Because plants are a source of happiness.

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