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Fig: benefits and virtues

Fig: benefits and virtues

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The fig is the fruit offig tree (Ficus carica), a species of ficus native to Syria, Afghanistan and the Mediterranean Basin, which offers many health benefits and virtues.

  • Gardening: planting, pruning and caring for the fig tree
  • Cuisine: all our articles and recipes based on figs

The fig and its health benefits

Known since Antiquity, the fig is the most important feeding the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean basin in the same way as the date, olive and grape.Black, green or purple, figs offer an amazing variety ofvitamins andminerals and could help prevent many diseases.

  • Rich in carbohydrates, in fibers and in protein, the fig is very nourishing, easy to digest and laxative. We recommend it in case of temporary constipation and peopledyspeptics (who feel uncomfortable sensations in the upper part of the digestive tract).
  • Emolliente and softening, the fig relieves the cough and hoarseness (especially in the event of a cold or bronchitis) but also thewhooping cough and the pneumonia.
  • Thegargling ofdecoction of figs (100 g of dried figs per liter of water) are very effective againstinflammations and the dental abscess. You can even apply a hot fig half in poultice between the cheek and the gum for pain relief.
  • The milky juice secreted by the fig tree contains an enzyme very effective against horns and the warts. Cut fig leaves and apply the juice twice a day to warts and corns to help them disappear
  • Fig poultices: cooked in water or milk, figs make perfect poultices to make mature the abscess and the boils.

Growing figs for their benefits

  • The fig tree appreciates the full sun and needs shelter in non-southern areas. It adapts to most soils, even limestone, as long as they are not compact and always remain well drained.
  • Rather rustic, the fig tree supports the drought, but it dreads too wet and too cold ground (it needs a minimum of 10 ° C).
  • Do not hesitate to cultivate the fig tree pot. He will be able to live without problem forfive or six years.
  • Be careful with mealybugs and at the fly larva, which destroys figs when they reach maturity.
  • Gardening: cultivating the fig tree well

The fig in the kitchen for its benefits

  • The fig is eaten flood, cooked (pan, poached or roasted) or dried.
  • His nutritional intake is not the same depending on whether it is consumed fresh or dry: the fresh fig bring65 kcal / 100 g, the dried fig bring 300 kcal / 100 g.
  • The fig is rich in fibers, potassium and mineral salts. Another positive point: it is very digest.
  • Cuisine: all our fig-based recipes

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