Cucumber: advice on growing

Cucumber: advice on growing

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Cucumber is easy to grow if you follow a few rules.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cucumis sativus
Family : Cucurbits
Type : Vegetable, annual

: 0.5 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary but well drained

Harvest : 3 to 4 months after sowing, from May to October.

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Maintenance, from sowing to harvest, therefore requires some essential care to cultivate them well.

Sowing and planting cucumber

When to sow cucumbers, what is the best time and season to sow and plant cucumbers?

The ideal sowing temperature is around 20 ° under cover as well as outdoors.

Cucumber seedlings:

Sow in a pocket at the rate of 3 seeds per pot, fromMarch under heated shelter and until June outdoors.

  • We sow 1 to 2 cm deep.
  • Emergence takes place 2 to 4 days after sowing under cover and 1 week outdoors.

Transplant in the ground not beforeMay because the risk of frost still remains.

  • Respect a distance of 80 cm between each plant.

Cucumber plants ready to plant:

If you are buying cucumber plants directly, plant them in full ground after any risk of frost, from of May.

Cucumber care

Growing and caring for cucumbers is relatively easy when the right conditions for growth are in place.

The main difficulty lies in pruning which, if done correctly, optimizes the growth of cucumbers and produces a good harvest.

Cucumbers grown flat (for growing in soil):

Pinch above the second leaf and wait for 2 stems to form. We pinch these last 2 after the 4th leaf, then we cut all the other branches to a leaf above each fruit.

Cucumbers on a single stem (for greenhouse cultivation):

Let the main rod grow to a height of about 2 m, then pinch it:

Lateral ramifications will then appear between each leaf which are called "greedy".

Then, regularly remove suckers and fruits developed on the main stem, from the ground up to about 0.70 cm high.

We must fix the cucumber as we go to a tutor.


No further pruning is necessary than pinching the head above the second leaf.
The fruits must be picked regularly because the overload will slow down production.

Cucumber disease

  • Powdery mildew: Cucumber leaves become covered with a downy white mold.
  • Downy mildew: brown spots appear on cucumber leaves.

For this, avoid wet the foliage. This plant is very sensitive to diseases, especially powdery mildew, so you can prevent them by watering only the base of the plant.

To know about cucumber

Native to Asia, being able to be climber like creeping, this plant is strictly the same for the production of cucumbers and pickles.

Cucumber loves heat and therefore requires regular but limited watering.

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Smart tip

Prefer planting in warm weather to stimulate rapid growth.

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