Aphids: effective solution and treatment

Aphids: effective solution and treatment

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Aphids are formidable insects that attack leaves and extract sap.

The leaves eventually curl and stick.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Aphidina
Common name : Aphid
Period of invasion: spring, summer, autumn
Favorable conditions: Most plants can be affected, but weak plants are more vulnerable.

The presence of numerous insects and in particular ladybirds makes it possible to limit the presence of aphids.

Regular treatment against aphids can allow you to permanently eradicate their presence on your plants and roses.

About aphids

Damage occurs during the vegetative period and more specifically in spring and early summer, so it should be treated during this period.

  • Any chemical treatment would be very harmful to our environment, do a gesture for our planet and use organic anti-aphid means!
  • Among the species most attacked, we obviously find rose bushes but also large trees such as lime or spruce and certain fruit trees such as pear, peach or cherry.
  • Be careful, when the leaves turn black like soot, it is sooty mold, a direct consequence of an aphid attack.

Effective organic anti-aphid treatments

Aphids attack many plants, roses and fruit trees in our gardens and can cause severe damage.

All these treatments have an interest in the fight against aphids and, if one of them has difficulty to take effect, you can multiply them, in particular by associating repellents plants and means of treatment.

Let's start with easiest treatment to implement.

Soapy water, effective and easy:

  • Based on black soap or Marseille soap, melted in water and sprayed on the plant, the soap prevents aphids from adhering to the leaves.
  • 150 gr of grated soap and 1 tbsp of oil are melted in 1 liter of water, which are then sprayed on the plants.
  • Regular treatment on your trees, plants and roses will permanently eliminate aphids.

The ladybug, a formidable predator:

  • By consuming the larvae of aphids, it naturally participates in the fight against aphids. This method is used more and more by professionals of green spaces and it is 100% organic.

Nettle or fern manure:

  • It is now sold in garden centers but can be done naturally.
  • This is a great way to control aphids in a 100% organic way.
    Learn how to make your nettle manure

Rhubarb manure:

  • Easily achievable from April with rhubarb leaves, find our rhubarb manure recipe

Aphid repellent plants:

  • Plant repellent species such as marigolds and especially lavender, which naturally fight against aphid invasions because the latter have an odor that repels them.
  • You can also plant nasturtiums a good distance from the plants you want to protect because the latter, on the contrary, have the power to attract the aphids which are fond of them.

Fight against ants:

  • The fight against ants is often essential when they have made their nests.
  • They attract aphids and accelerate their proliferation.
  • Find the right ways to get rid of ants in the garden

Aphidolet larvae:

  • They are excellent predators but only act from 16 ° and are more difficult to find in garden centers.


  • Products that can be used in organic farming, it is one of the main components of anti-aphids products sold in commerce.
  • It is very effective and guarantees you a merciless fight against these predators.

The flowering lawn:

Today there are mixtures for flowered lawns whose combination of flowers helps ward off most pests, especially aphids.

  • This flowery grass also settles well in the garden thatin the vegetable garden to protect vegetables.

Finally, a basic rule is to limit the use of chemicals as much as possible.

They destroy a large part of the ecosystem essential for the natural fight against diseases and parasites.

Smart tip

The rose bush is very sensitive to aphids, but regular treatment with black soap helps to overcome them

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