Cabbage: a multitude of varieties in the vegetable garden

Cabbage: a multitude of varieties in the vegetable garden

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Head, curly, Brussels, flower, broccoli or Romanesco, cabbage is a vegetable with multiple varieties and easy to grow.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brassica
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Vegetable, biennial

Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Fresh, deep and moist and rich

: All year round depending on varieties

Maintenance, from sowing and planting to harvest, will help you have beautiful cabbages.

Sowing and planting cabbages depending on the variety

Cabbage comes in different forms and varieties and requires different growing conditions and times.

Whether it's apple, curly or smooth, from Brussels, cauliflower or broccoli, here's how to grow it.

By selecting and by sowing different varieties, you will be able to harvest cabbage from spring until late winter.

Head cabbage:

The sowing of head cabbage is carried out end of winter or at the start of spring in the nursery.

The smooth cabbage can start earlier than kale.

  • Sow from the month of February March in nursery and on the fly.
  • You can also sow in the ground from the month of March April under frame or tunnel.
  • When you see the first leaves appear, you can transplant in the ground from February until August.
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Cauliflower :

Growing cauliflower is much slower since it takes almost 7 months from sowing to harvest.

  • Sow in the month of March April under cover for an autumn harvest
  • Sow in may straight into the ground for a winter harvest.
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Brussels sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are usually made at the end of winter or in spring under cover.

  • Sowing can start in the nursery from March to be transplanted into the ground from May.
  • Planting usually takes place in May-June
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Broccoli cabbage:

  • The first broccoli sprouts, says early, can be sown from March, under shelter, for a harvest from August to September.
  • For a sowing directly in the ground we will wait until the end of all risk of frost, may or june.
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Chinese cabbage:

  • sowing takes place during the summer
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Romanesco cabbage:

Here is a cabbage that we love as much for its sweet flavor as for its very decorative side.

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Caring for cabbage varieties

As soon as the plants have minimum 3 to 4 sheets, transplant directly in place while protecting your crop if this is to be done before May.

  • Transplanting is done every 40 cm.
    This spacing is necessary to give the plants room to develop.
  • Transplant in a well plowed ground.
  • Water regularly but moderately in fine rain to maintain good humidity.

Harvesting cabbage varieties

  • Harvesting head cabbage:

Head cabbage, whether curly or smooth, takes several months, but the length depends greatly on the variety.

Thus, some varieties can be harvested 2 months after planting while others will put almost 7 months.

Wait until the heart has reached the size of a beautiful apple before harvesting your head cabbages

  • Harvesting Brussels sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are harvested as the main stem rises.

Just break the sprouts that grow sideways as and when you need them.

  • Harvesting cauliflower:

The cauliflower harvest takes place almost all year round depending on the sowing periods.

Wait until the head is firm and cut flush with the ground.

  • Harvesting broccoli cabbage:

Broccoli cabbage is harvested when the main head is well formed and compact.

Cut about an inch below the head to allow your broccoli to continue growing.

  • Harvesting Chinese cabbage:

It takes place from autumn until the first frosts and even in winter if weather conditions allow (Mediterranean basin)

Cut the apple flush with a very sharp blade.

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