What plants for my fall planter?

What plants for my fall planter?

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In autumn, the flowers are rarer and the weather is gray. Bet on a colorful fall planter to brighten up the garden and balcony!

Discover our selection of autumnal plants.

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A 100% asters planter

Asters are part of the same family as daisies, and it shows! Its small flowers in capitula display a wide variety of colors. White, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue ... You are spoiled for choice for making color combinations.

Single or double, the flowers take on a vaporous, starry or full appearance. Another advantage: they are melliferous in a season when flowers are starting to be scarce! Some asters appreciate cool, rich soil, while others are happy with dry, light soil. Find out about the requirements of the strain you choose.

Prefer compact varieties for planting in a planter. The cultivar ‘Jenny’ lends itself well to container cultivation and offers a shower of bright pink flowers. Either way, you can plant your asters in spring or fall. Preferably expose your planter to the sun or partial shade.

Long blooms

While asters flower specifically in the fall, there are perennials that offer flowers for much of the year. Thus, pansies and begonias reveal their flowering between May and November. These two plants are easily cultivated in a planter and are very floriferous.

Begonias can also be planted in suspension thanks to the drooping habit of some varieties. On the other hand, this frost plant should be stored from the first frosts. Begonia flowers are often simple, consisting of four tepals. Some are double and take on the appearance of little pom poms. When it comes to colors, you are spoiled for choice! Partially shaded exposure and a rich, drained substrate are ideal for them.

You can associate them with thoughts! Some varieties offer two blooms: one in spring and then another in fall. Of all colors, plain or two-tone, they reveal soft and rounded petals.

For these two plants, little maintenance is required. You just need to water them regularly to keep the soil cool, but not soggy, and to cut off any withered flowers.

Multicolored chrysanthemums

They have the reputation of being the flowers of cemeteries. Yet its flowers evoking daisies are bright and colorful. Planted in planters, they brighten up autumn days. Yellow, orange, red, pink, white, the long flowering period extends from June until the first frosts. Sometimes simple, like a daisy, it sometimes becomes frilly with a profusion of curved petals. Chrysanthemums are planted in the spring or fall.

In the planter, remember to install a drainage layer at the bottom (clay balls or gravel) to promote the flow of water. Indeed, chrysanthemums appreciate a drained substrate. Then use potting soil for flowering plants and each spring, add compost. You can also add a little liquid fertilizer rich in potash to the irrigation water once a week. Thus, you will have a beautiful abundant flowering!

For watering, add more water when the substrate is dry. All you have to do is place your new planter in the sun and enjoy its generous flowers.

Leaves and flowers

Autumn is a season famous for its leaves, which take on a coppery palette. In the planter, we also insert foliage that we marry with seasonal flowers. Heucheras are perennials with very decorative leaves.

Some are orange or bright pink, others acid yellow or very dark purple. The leaves have a round silhouette with more or less crenellated edges. Sometimes the undersides of the leaves take on a different shade, like the cultivar 'Silver Gumdrop'. This variety has gray foliage on the front and purple on the back. The leaves are sometimes plain, slightly spotted or with darker veins. You will understand, the heuches are real assets in a planter. They are combined with flowers such as pansies or heather.

Some winter heather bloom from November and throughout the winter. By adding a bronze sedge plant with evergreen foliage, you can even enjoy this planter in winter.

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