6 shrubs with pink flowers all year round

6 shrubs with pink flowers all year round

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From spring to winter, enjoy beautiful blooms with pink hues.

To decorate your terrace, dress up your hedge or the bottom of a bed, discover our selection of shrubs with pink flowers!

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Pink flowering shrubs in spring

American Dogwood - Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Chief’:

Its flowering does not leave you indifferent. Composed of four large, pale pink bracts with a dark pink border. Its lanceolate, medium green, ribbed foliage is adorned with flamboyant hues in fall.

In thickets, isolated or in hedge, this dogwood grows to 3m high and 2m wingspan. It likes a sunny or partially shaded location. I

He appreciates a cool but drained, rather acidic soil and is afraid of limestone substrates.

Polium leaf andromeda - Andromeda polifolia ‘Blue Ice’:

From April to June, bouquets of small pink dangling flowers adorn this andromeda. Its dwarf, bushy and dense habit opens the doors to rock gardens, borders and pots. Its narrow, bluish-green, evergreen foliage resembles that of rosemary.

A light, fresh and rather acidic substrate suits it perfectly. You can thus mix 2/3 of heather soil, 1/3 of garden soil to fill its pot. Prefer a location in the sun and sheltered from the wind.

Pink flowering shrubs in summer

Deutzia hybrid ‘Mon Rose’ - Deutzia x Mont Rose ’:

This deciduous shrub works wonders in hedges thanks to its bushy, rounded shape and rapid growth. Measuring 3m high and 2m wide when ripe, its flowers bloom in July-August. They form generous clusters of 5-petal star flowers, sporting a soft pink that turns white.

This romantic color chart forms also beautiful bouquets. Its branches accommodate deciduous lanceolate and ribbed leaves. This Deutzia is planted in rich, deep and cool soil, in sun or partial shade.

Blue spirea - Caryopteris clandonensis ‘Pink Perfection’:

Despite its vernacular name, this species of Caryopteris offers a pink bloom. It takes place from July to September, in the shape of balls made up of small, single, soft pink flowers. Its long pink stamens make it look a little feathery. Forming a dense bush one foot tall, this shrub features deciduous, aromatic, dark green, narrow, triangular, and serrated foliage.

We place the Caryopteris in the sun in well-drained soil, even dry. It is ideal in hedges, in beds and even in rock gardens.

Shrubs with pink flowers in the fall

Shrub sage ‘Pluenn’ - Salvia jamensis ‘Pluenn’:

This sage is distinguished by its blooming in salmon pink clusters. From May to November, this sage reveals its luminous honey-bearing flowers on a small evergreen and aromatic foliage. Its flowers last a day but are replaced the next day. Its bushy and rounded shape reaches 60cm in diameter. Hardy to -10 ° C in drained soil, this shrub sage will be grown in pots in the cooler regions.

Install it in a well-drained, calcareous, even poor substrate and in the sun or in partial shade.

Common strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo ‘Rubra’:

This strawberry tree offers not a prolonged summer flowering, but a true autumnal flowering from September to November. It takes the form of clusters of small pink bells accompanied by spherical fruits. These turn from yellow to red with a grainy texture, which earned it the nickname "strawberry tree". Its lanceolate, evergreen, dark green and glossy foliage offers a beautiful volume of leaves all year round.

Hardy to -10 ° C, this shrub forms a compact bush that finds its place in a hedge or a massif, in the southern half of France.

Cooler regions grow it in pots, sheltered from the wind. The arbutus thrives in well-drained soil, even stony and rather acidic. It adapts easily to the garden, as long as the soil is well drained! It is planted in both sun and shade.

Shrubs with pink flowers in winter

Winter viburnum - Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’:

From December to February, it is on its bare twigs that the flowering of the winter viburnum appears. Its bright pink buds open to make way for bouquets of softer pink flowers, giving off a scent reminiscent of vanilla.

The flowers bloom during warm weather, excluding periods of frost. Measuring 2.50m high and 2m wide, it features deciduous bronze colored foliage in spring that turns green in summer and purple in fall.

In hedges, beds or isolated, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn 'tolerates down to -15 ° C. In the sun or in partial shade, it is grown in deep and rather cool soil.

Japanese Camellia ‘Sunny Side’ - Camellia Japonica Sunny Side ’:

In the camellia family, several varieties bloom in winter. This is the case of the 'Sunny Side' camellia, which reveals flowers between December and February.

It is known for its floridity, offering numerous single pale pink flowers in the heart and more sustained around the edges. In the center of the flower, a small bouquet of golden stamens enhances the shades of pink. Like most Camellias, its foliage is evergreen, elliptical, slightly toothed, dark green and shiny. Not exceeding 1.20m high and 1m wide, it is a subject that finds its place in massive heather or in a pot on a terrace. This pink flowering shrub tolerates up to -15 ° C, but it does not like wind and snow.

For planting, favor an acidic, rich and drained soil and a partial shade exposure.

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