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Céanothe: a spectacular blue bloom

Céanothe: a spectacular blue bloom

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The ceanothe is one of the most beautiful ornamental shrubs thanks to the unique blue of its bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ceanothus
Family : Rhamnaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Persistent
Flowering : Spring

Planting, pruning and caring for the ceanotheque are actions that will help you to have beautiful flowers and a beautiful growth of the ceanotheque.

Planting ceanothe

The ceanothe is planted preferably in a sunny place or slightly shaded but not in the shade because it would flower badly.

  • Opt for the céanothe in hedge or isolated in the middle of the garden and it will fill you up!

AT fall or spring, you will take care to plant it in light soil because excess humidity could impair the good growth of the ceanothe.

Avoid at all costs planting ceanotheque for a period of frost or high heat.

  • The ceanotheque likes well-drained soils and fears excess moisture
  • He fears severe frosts in winter
  • Follow the smart gardening tips for planting

Ceanothe in a pot:

Growing ceanothe in pots is quite possible and even a good idea to give a little color to a terrace or balcony.

  • Make sure that the pot of the ceanothe is well drilled at the bottom for the flow of water
  • Using flowering shrub potting soil
  • Provide regular watering, as soon as the soil is dry on the surface
  • Mulching in winter will protect the roots from the cold

If you are worried about severe frosts in winter, put your potted ceanotheque in a frost-free place in a cool, bright place.

We also use the creeping variety of céanothe to create pretty flower beds and take advantage of its ground cover effect.

He loves sunny situations!

Pruning and maintenance of the céanothe

Remove wilted flowers and dried out stems as you go in order to stimulate the appearance of new flowers.

This operation is not essential but it is beneficial, especially in small subjects.

If you want reduce the branches or reshape the silhouette, do not prune at the end of winter but wait the end of flowering.

  • Find our advice on shrub pruning.

For deciduous species, frankly prune the shoots from the previous year in the spring.

Ceanothe in winter

The ceanothe is resistant to cold and must live outdoors, even in winter.

But it is hardy down to -10 °, no more, and must therefore be protected if severe frosts are to be feared in your home.

  • For the ceanothe in a jar, bring your ceanotheque away from frost, in a cool and bright place
  • Outdoors and in the ground, protect your ceanothe with a winter cover if the temperatures frequently drop below -8 °.

To know about the céanothe

This shrub has a generous flowering whose main shade is blue and characterizes it among all the shrubs that bloom in spring.

There are also pink ceanothe, particularly floriferous and just as decorative.

It is native to America and adapts perfectly to our climates, although a regular watering is recommended during its first 2 years.

About the ceanothe crawling, it will be particularly suitable in rockery or even in ground cover because you will appreciate its fast growth.

  • Ceanothe adapts particularly well to sea ​​side, in hedge or in isolated.
  • It also helps to make a blue garden

Finally, thanks to its honey power, you will make the bees who need it happy and you will actively participate in the quality of the ecosystem in your garden

Smart tip about ceanothus

In a hedge or along a wall (which can even be trellised), the ceanoth amazes and amazes thanks to its rare magnificent blue bloom.

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