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The gladiolus, majestic and popular at the same time

The gladiolus, majestic and popular at the same time

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It is easily recognizable with its multi-colored floral stems. Easy to cultivate, the gladiolus gives a country air to the garden.

On a sunny site and in well-drained soil, the gladiolus is a bulb that flowers quickly, like dahlias, lilies and tuberous begonias, Its flowering period: from June to September, depending on the region.

Start by planting well

Plant it in rows or in bunches, 10-12 cm deep, it will produce a flamboyant and graphic ensemble. "The best is to plant it in April-May, not all at once but in a staggered fashion," explains Fanny Dupré, author of Cultivate son jardin: every 10 days, as long as the onions remain plump and not wrinkled. After this stage, they risk not giving anything for having waited too long ”.

According to her, these easy bulbs are among the rare flowers to bring real green colors, sulphurous yellows, velvety reds, impeccable whites…

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Gladiolus: easy flower, necessary maintenance

Always stake the gladioli so that they do not break and protect them from drafts. Then, in the beds as in the bouquets, remove the faded flowers every day. "When flowering has passed, let the foliage wilt on each plant until it begins to dry out." Then dig up the bulbs to clean them and remove any suckers formed at the base. Gardener's tip: growing the bulbs in an underground pot makes it easier to transplant them after flowering!

As for possible diseases, watch out for gray or blue rot on the bulb - brown areas on the onion, then moldy felting. It is a fungus that lives in the soil and attacks early growth bulbs. Especially avoid heavy cold and wet soils. Also, gladiolus bacteriosis starts with small reddish-brown spots, the leaf tips turn black, and the shoots rot. Burn diseased plants and do not replant in the same spot.

Did you know that about the gladiolus?

"Gladiolus means sword," explains Nathalie Chahine, author of the Little Book of the Language of Flowers. Because the shape of its leaves evokes that of short swords. It symbolizes strength, victory and pride, like the victorious gladiator of Roman times, who was covered in gladioli. Moreover, in Japan, this flower is frequently used in traditional female tattoos to express strength of character. It also symbolizes strong and outspoken love. Gifting a bouquet is ideal for births in August. But avoid offering it to the loved one because then it "symbolically pierces the heart".

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