March in the garden: gardening work

March in the garden: gardening work

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The month that heralds the arrival of spring has finally arrived.

A few rainy days, sleet and morning frost continue to alternate with beautiful spring days and the whole garden begins to come to life!

Trees begin to bud, some flowers bloom while other plants need maintenance.

March is the start of a great gardening season and so much the better!

It’s a great joy to start this season with you on smart gardening!

Remember that you can ask all your questions on the forum ...

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Pruning shrubs in March

The shrubs that don't fdo not leave in the spring must be pruned at this time.

  • Find our advice shrub pruning.
  • It’s also a good time to trim the hedges

Pruning roses in March

This is the perfect month for prune your climbing and bush roses.

Please note, it is important to burn your waists in order to eliminate diseases and parasites that could have stayed or appeared during the winter.

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The size of the vine

This is the last time to prune your vineyard.

  • Find our advice for well prune the vine.
  • At the end of the month, you will also start treatment with Bordeaux mixture.


Now is the time to dig and clean up all the beds to fill them with new plants.

Digging is important because it helps aerate the soil, improves drainage and burrows weeds into the soil in the dark.

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The lawn

Spring is a good time to take care of your lawn, whether it's seeding or renovating your lawn.

It is necessary scarify and treat the lawn with an anti-moss.

  • It is also a good time to renovate an old lawn.
  • If you want to create a new lawn, follow the guide.

Preventive treatment of diseases and parasites

Trees and shrubs can, from the end of March, receive a first preventive treatment to prevent the arrival of fungi.

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Planting trees and shrubs

There is still time to plant trees and shrubs purchased in container.

To stimulate recovery, bring organic fertilizer and mix the soil with a "plantation" or "universal" soil.

Seedlings under shelter

The month of March is auspicious for some sowing under shelter. We mainly find annuals like some climbers: nasturtium, ipomeo, or sweet Pea

A nice favorite: the tomato seedlings !

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Sowing in the ground

If your climate allows it and the exposure is sunny, you can start sowing certain vegetables such as:

> the carrots,
> the radish,
> the peas,
> the cauliflower,
> the leeks,
> the beet
> the lettuce
> the chicory

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