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Laying grass rolls

Laying grass rolls

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Laying sod in a roll is an ideal solution to have a beautiful lawn immediately, a beautiful green and without weeds.

Our partnerIDGREEN explains to us what are the different steps to properly lay your lawn roll.

Soil preparation

  • Work the soil as if to sow.
  • Weed if necessary.

Decompact the soil 15/20 cm with a rototiller, making several passes in order to obtain a flexible soil, without clods.

Rake the surface

No need to completely stone. Just remove the large stones that would prevent the roller from coming into contact with the earth

Possible addition of an amendment (compost, manure, peat) on poor soil. DO NOT LEAVE ON SURFACE. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous soil on 10 / 15CM cm.

  • Roll the ground with a lawn roller then smooth with a rake crossing the passages to obtain an aerated ground.
  • The soil should not be too loose or too compacted.
  • Your land is ready.

Difficult case : very clayey soils are very dehydrating in summer (dry, hard and cracked) and waterlogged in winter. It is either necessary to replace the soil on at least 15cm (one disburses or one raises in level) or mix it with for example peat and sand.

Purchase and reception of roll sod

The order is placed a few days before delivery (3 to 4 days).

The choice of grass is made with the order with our partnerIDGREEN depending on region, exposure and type of soil.

The harvest is done the day before the morning of delivery. A longer period (storage or transport is not compatible with freshness and quality)

Grass rolls should be unrolled on the day of delivery. Installation in winter offers a longer delay (1.5 days)

The rolls are delivered and unloaded on a pallet in front of the home, generally on the sidewalk.

Watering the pallets may be necessary.

Laying sods

The speed of laying the sod is approximately 25 m2 per hour and per person.

Start WITHOUT REMOVING THE NET all the pallets at the same time instead of one at a time.

Lay the boards edge to edge without overlapping the joints, staggered (as for a parquet):

Start a first length by leaning on a straight edge: house, driveway, etc.)

Cut to complete your length.

Use the leech to start the second length well glued to the 1st.

If you walk on the land side do not leave a hole and rake the trampled area as you go

If you walk on the grass side (preferable in the event of rain) use plank paths to distribute your weight.

Make the cuts with a serrated kitchen knife

Run the roller over the sod to promote adhesion to the soil.

Water abundantly during installation and then daily to maintain permanent humidity under the rollers until rooting.

Rooting grass rolls

Full rooting takes around 12 to 15 days depending on weather conditions and the intensity of watering.

During this period it is possible to walk on the grass without running or jumping. On the other hand, during this period it is necessary to avoid games such as football for example.

Watering lawn rolls


Use a tilting rail, a turnstile or, if you have the option, an integrated sprinkler

Water abundantly on the day of installation. In case of heat, sprinkle as the installation progresses.

Water every day for 15 days 1 to 2 times a day in spring

In very hot weather, intensive watering is necessary with a large flow of water to promote grass recovery: at least 3 times a day.

In winter, watering is very moderate

Successful turf recovery depends primarily on watering.

After 15 days, the watering will be reduced little by little and the lawn will be treated like a conventional lawn.

1st mowing and fertilizer after installation

As soon as the grass is rooted (10 to 15 days after laying), perform the first mowing.

Another benchmark: the grass must resist when you shoot it

Never mow more than 1/3 of the leaf at a time. Beyond that, the grass may be stressed and turn yellow.

Gradually decrease the mowing height with a space of 48 hours. Height 3 to 4 cm.

Grass should be mowed regularly without ever letting it grow tall.

Fertilize with a lawn fertilizer at least 3 times a year (April - June and October)

IDGREEN biostimulant for sale: to spray on the lawn

100% natural product. Can be used for rework and for maintenance

Here is the result of the turf roll a week later.

The lines have disappeared and the grass is perfectly rooted for a perfect result!

Video: Big Roll Sod Installation (June 2022).


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