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Marigold: a generous flower

Marigold: a generous flower

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Marigold is a pretty little annual that blooms from spring until the first frost.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name: Calendula officinalis
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Annual

Height: 50 to 70 cm depending on the species
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, rather light and well drained

Flowering : April to November

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Flowering and easy to grow, marigold also has the advantage of repelling many pests.

Marigold seedlings

In the spring, from the middle of the month of March for mild climates and fromApril in the more northern regions

  • Sowing takes place directly in place.
  • Choose a sunny place but not hot.
  • Cover the seedling by crumbling a thin layer of potting soil.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist.
  • Once the seedlings are well formed, thin out to keep only the most vigorous every 25-30 cm

In summer, you can also plant marigolds bought in garden centers, but the simplest and most common technique is sowing.

As for theaster, ordinary garden soil mixed with potting soil is ideal.

  • Avoid too heavy and too compact soils that retain moisture to the detriment of the plant.
  • To make this a beautiful ground cover, allow around 8-9 feet per square meter.

Maintenance of marigold

Very easy to cultivate, the marigold calls for verylow maintenance.

You can, if you wish, remove faded flowers to stimulate the appearance of new flowers, but this is not essential.

The worry fears the gel and only regrowth year after year in areas with mild winters.

The spontaneous sowing are not so rare and we see the reappearance in the spring of the flowers that have disappeared during the winter.

You can shake out the wilted plants to spread the seeds, which will certainly give you another bloom the following year.

To know about the concern

Border plant, massif or rockery, the marigold is spectacular from spring to autumn thanks to that generous flowering and which is constantly renewed.

Easy annual, there are a large number of species and varieties that offer superb inflorescences in yellow and orange tones.

The marigold also has the particularity of chasing away a good number of insects which are parasites in the garden and in the vegetable patch such as aphids.

We like to sow a few seeds of marigold in the heart of the vegetable garden to protect the vegetables against parasites.

Marigold is also a plant that has many medicinal properties at the same time anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, anti-oxidant, analgesics and hydrating.

We also use his Essential oil for hisanti-bacterial properties.

Finally, it should be noted that marigold is one of the easiest flowers to grow but also among the most flowering from spring to autumn.

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Smart tip

Concern dreads the strong summer heat which often cause the development of powdery mildew.

For regions with very hot summers prefer partially shaded corners.

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