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Ravintsara: a powerful anti virus

Ravintsara: a powerful anti virus

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Recognized for its medicinal properties, ravintsara has health benefits and virtues, especially as an anti virus.

The Ravintsara or Madagascar camphor tree is a aromatic tree native to Asia.

From its scientific name "Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum ', ravintsara is often confused with ravensare (scientific name: ravensara aromatica), while their respective properties are very different.

Ravintsara, for the record

The ravintsara belongs to the Lauraceae family and has long served as an ornament in its region of origin.

Introduced to Madagascar during the 19th century, the ravintsara presented specific qualities, due to a soil particularly favorable to its development.

Leaves from this tree is extracted essential oil in which therapists discover many properties. So what are the virtues of this tree? What is his health impact ? What is the dosage to respect in order to draw the best benefits ?

Ravintsara essential oil, benefits and virtues

The active subtances of ravintsara are found in superoxide dismutase which gives it antiviral properties, the 1-8 cineole which makes it an excellentanti-inflammatory and one anti oxidant powerful. Terpenes (alpha terpineol), on the other hand, act on the central nervous system. They thus give it a excellent power of physical and mental relaxation.

Excellent antiseptic, and anti-infective, theRavintsara essential oil is used in the treatment of viral diseases. It's a effective remedy against the influenza.

  • 3 small drops of Ravintsara essential oil mixed in a teaspoon of olive oil or honey twice a day to fight against winter ailments.

Venous decongestant and circulatory toning, she soothes them muscle tension, muscle aches, varicose veins, and regulates blood circulation, by skin applications.

In inhalation, his action on the the nervous system no longer needs to be demonstrated, because it is energizing, stimulating and combats fatigue, seasonal depression, lack of energy, anxiety, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, lack of concentration, anxiety, moodiness, ... etc.

Theravintsara essential oil is also effective in ENT treatments. Powerful expectorant, it treats fatty cough, productive bronchitis, ear infections, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis, in short, respiratory infections with phlegm.

In skin applications, the essential oil treats skin infections, tired skin, acne, eczema, boils, cold sores, and regenerates the skin.

Use of Ravintsara essential oil

The impact of ravintsara essential oil on the body can only be beneficial. In internal use as external, the benefits are countless.

Although it is always necessary to refer to therapists recommendations, the usual dosage for taking by oral is of 2 drops of essential oil on a piece of sugar. Take some 3 times a day in the case of a cure ; and 1 time per day in prevention. This during 21 days.

To benefit from skin benefits essential oil or for soothe muscle tension, it is advisable to dilute 1 drop in somevegetable oil before applying it to the area affected by light massages.

To treat respiratory ailments or to relieve anxiety, anguish ... In short, psycho-emotional disorders, justinhale essential oil or to use it as a olfaction or in diffusion.

In case of tired, the essential oil of ravintsara must be diluted in vegetable oil before being applied in massage all the way down the spine on the back, feet and wrists. The same dosage is recommended in case of poor blood circulation, or varicose veins for massages on the affected areas.

Good to know about ravintsara

Associate to other oils, ravintsara essential oil has amazing actions :

  • His anti-inflammatory effect is reinforced in association with Niaouli essential oil.
  • Used with cinnamon essential oil, his stimulating action is also reinforced.
  • Grapefruit essential oil Has calming virtues, reason why in association with essential oil of ravintsara, the relaxing actions are double.

Warning, ravintsara essential oil should not be used in any form by people with history of ulcers, the pregnant and lactating women, and the children under 3.

If in doubt, ask advice to your doctor.

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