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Crocus: among the first to flower

Crocus: among the first to flower

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Crocuses are pretty little flowers that bloom in late winter or fall depending on the variety.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Crocus
Family : Iridaceae
Type: Spring bulb

: 10/15 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Spring fall
Flowering : Winter or autumn

Planting and caring for crocuses are small steps that will improve flowering throughout the seasons.

Planting crocuses

There are two flowering periods corresponding to different species. The kind of crocus that gives saffron named crocus sativus.

It is recommended to plant in autumn the bulbs of flowering species at the end of winter and plant at spring or tobeginning of summer blooming crocus bulbs in autumn.

Respect a depth of 4/5 cm and proceed in clumps of approximately 20 to 30 bulbs minimum.

  • The crocus likes rather sunny situations to flower well.
  • He likes well-drained soils because he dreads waterlogged land, especially in winter
  • The crocus is very popular with voles and field mice and therefore not recommended for those who are invaded.
  • Find our tips on planting bulbs.

By multiplying the varieties of crocus, it is possible to have flowers from September to April if your climate is mild in winter.

Crocus maintenance

Here is a little flower that, once properly installed, should require minimal maintenance.

At the end of flowering, wait until the jaundice foliage before cutting it, because this is when the flower builds up its reserves for the next flowering.

If you have planted your crocus in the middle of the lawn, wait until the crocuses are completely wilted before mowing.

Crocuses tend to multiply on their own and should quickly cover your beds, lawns and flower beds.

Good to know about crocuses

This bulbous plant is notable for the beauty of its flowers variegated with blue and purple, often found in the middle of a lawn or at the foot of trees.

They come perfectly highlight the garden in late winter or fall when you make several clumps large enough to form actual spots.

Mainly native to the Mediterranean region, the genus Crocus includes 90 species, a third of which blooms in autumn.

Smart tip

In lawns, the crocus multiplies from one year to the next, but this requires avoiding mowing before the leaves have wilted ...

Spring bulb flower ideas:

  • Snowdrops, tulips, narcissus, hyacinths

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