Casey is deciding which of two landscapers to hire

Casey is deciding which of two landscapers to hire

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Here's a look at some tips for the big day — including a list of some of the landscape interview questions you'll likely be asked. Don't forget to iron your shirt. Look at a job interview as a chance to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. Casey is deciding which of two landscapers to hire.

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Mathematics ,Casey is deciding which of two landscapers to hire. Each landscaper charges an hourly rate plus a fee for each job. Casey correctly wrote and solved a system of linear equations by substitution. In his work, he substituted an expression for one variable and solved for the other. What can Casey conclude? Both landscapers charge the same hourly rate and the same fee per job.

Both landscapers charge the same hourly rate, but not the same fee per job. Answers: 1. Answer from: jlmn Answer from: isabellemaine. This is, the two equations are parallel and one choice is always more expensive, in the same amount, than the other, at any number of hours. Answer from: jessie Casey can conclude to choose landscaper number 2 because he charges less than what landscaper number one does. I hope i helped :. Answer from: lburch I would say d because they are two different company's.

Answer from: mickellife No solution means the lines do not intersect; thus, they are parallel. For parallel lines, the slope is the same. Looking back at the equation, we see that the slope is represented by k, the hourly rate. Therefore The answer is D, both landscapers charge the same rate. Answer from: cool It seems that option D lacked the necessary details. But that would be the correct answer for Casey conclusion based on the given problem above. Hope this answer helps. Answer from: alkaline The conclusion is that the system does not have a solution.

This is that the equations written do not have an intersection point, they represent parallel lines and, for any x value, one line is always over the other. In terms of the landscapers charges, it means that the two landscapers have the same hourly rate the slope of the lines but different fees.. Which means that the two costs will never be equal. Answer from: beccaxhope. Answer from: allieballey The fourth option:Both landscapers charge the same hourly rate, but not the same fee per job.

The system has not solutions, because the equations represent parallel lines. This is, they have the same slope the hourly rate but different starting point or y-intercept the fee. So the costs will never be equal.

Answer from: alexandria Another question on Mathematics. Brainlest answer can you find the area and circumference of a circle given the radius or diameter?

Yesterday, george drank 1 small bottle and 2 large bottles, for a total of 1, grams. Each landscaper charges an hourly rate plus a fe Jordan has some music books. He will buy 9 new music books each year. He will have 52 music books in 5 years.

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What potential problems might the CEO want to consider? What steps could the Grady also reported salary and interest income this year.

What amount of the benefits mus After performing a dilution calculation, you determine you needWhy is understanding mitosis important? Select the best answer 1. It helps us understand how organisms repair. It helps us understand A natural force of attraction exerted by the earth upon objects, that pulls objects towards earth's center is called Over the period of a year, Julie's net worth decreased.

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Matthew Geyman, Andrea L. Schmitt, Sarah Leyrer, Daniel G. Indigenous workers are migrating to Washington State in increasing numbers. These workers often speak little or no Spanish or English, and instead speak pre-Hispanic languages such as Mixteco spoken in southern Mexico and Mam spoken in Guatemala. Mam and Mixteco workers migrate to the U.

The figure above shows an aboveground swimming pool in the shape of a cylinder with a radius of 12 feet and a height of 4 feet. The pool contains cubic.

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They can be very helpful if a business owner should have them and works to achieve them. After working on his own backyard landscaping project resulted in numerous trips to Home Depot where workers instructed him on what to do, he started to think about all the other people who were making the same trips. With a daughter on the way, he and his wife began to think about starting a landscaping company that could help support their expanding family and allow his wife to stay home and raise their daughter. I had no clue where it was eventually going to get me. Slowly but surely, and even without setting goals, he built his client base up and after a decade he was able to pay himself a dividend and still keep the bank accounts at a level that made him comfortable. Lobato was able to train someone from within to become a field manager and an estimator for maintenance work, and was also able to purchase a facility after owning the company for 11 years. Another major accomplishment for Lobato was hiring an office administrator to answer calls, opening opportunities for more business. He wants to grow his maintenance division, which he can do by selling a maintenance package to his one-time jobs. Rick was a door-to-door salesman for a pest control company so he has some knowledge of the industry. La Cholla customers do receive a survey after a job is done, and if the survey shows anything less than a four out of five rating, Lobato follows up to find out what went wrong.

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The Debates are the report—transcribed, edited, and corrected—of what is said in the House. The Journals are the official record of the decisions and other transactions of the House. The Order Paper and Notice Paper contains the listing of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day, and notices for upcoming items. For an advanced search, use Publication Search tool. If you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this publication, please contact us at accessible parl.

The Federalsburg Industrial Park is equipped with electricity, water, sewer, broadband access and offers paved roads and fire and police protection.

Installation de réseau d’eau Gravitaire Andandemy

We are so pleased with our new backyard. We hired Danilo based on work he did for a neighbour. He has a wonderful hardworking crew that completed the job on time and on budget. They are very neat and tidy and cleaned up every trace of the construction. Since we live on a corner, the work is very visable from the street and we have received many compliments about the transformation.

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This document is an introduction to the plans currently in place to create a healthy and safe place to learn, teach, study, live and work. We will continue to monitor the updates and changes to regulations being formulated by public health and government officials. This document will be updated as details are added and if guidance needs to be modified based on information from our consultants and official public health sources. Over the next few months, this information will be shared again and again. We are living through an unprecedented moment, constantly learning new things, and frequently having to remind ourselves that things are not going to be exactly like they were in the past. Through it all, I know that Montserrat will continue to be the very human and empathetic place it has always been. No matter the future, you can be assured that we will still be committed to ensuring that all of us will stay committed to our creative lives.

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Landscape Architects & Designers in Westminster, MD

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Hear from a red seal journeyperson, a landscape business owner, and an Algonquin College professor to find out why they are passionate about apprenticeship. The annual trade show takes place at the Toronto Congress Centre on Jan.

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Casey is deciding which of two landscapers to hire. Each landscaper charges an hourly rate plus a fee for each job. Casey correctly wrote and solved a system of linear equations by substitution. In his work, he substituted an expression for one variable and solved for the other.

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