Easter lilies indoor plants

Easter lilies indoor plants

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Add a touch of elegance indoors and out in the garden with these big, fragrant flowers. Like clockwork, Easter lilies Lilium longiflorum appear in grocery stores or flower shops in the spring. Their trumpet-shape, pure white blooms always look so fresh and elegant, plus they can fill a room with their sweet scent. Once the flowers of these potted Easter lilies fade, the plants often get tossed out.

  • Types of lilies: 8 beautiful choices for the garden
  • Caring for your Easter Lily
  • How To Take Care Of An Easter Lily Plant After Easter – Indoors or Outside
  • Easter Lilies
  • History & Care of the Easter Lily
  • Easter Lily Care – What To Do With An Easter Lily Plant After Easter
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Types of lilies: 8 beautiful choices for the garden

These plants bloom when they receive more than 12 hours of light. Easter lilies naturally flower in August. To over come the long day requirements of Easter lilies to flower can be done by a cooling period. When this period ends, bulbs are potted up, watered and put in a greenhouse. Shoots emerge in about 2 weeks, which should occur in early January. Easter lilies can be difficult to manipulate to grow so that they reach their peak blooming timed with Easter.

This helps the lilies so that they will flower on time for Easter. A bud meter was designed so buds can be measured. If the buds measure 1 inch you have 28 days until the bud opens. If the bud measures 6 inches, you have one day before the bud opens.

Depending on the size of the bud and when Easter is will determine whether you need to put the lily in a warmer place to speed up the flowering process. If the bud is too far ahead, the lily should be placed in a cooler place so the buds do not bloom out before Easter. Easter lilies prefer moderately cool temperatures.

Avoid drafty locations. Easter lilies do best when placed in bright light, but out of direct sun light. In the plant has a decorative foil pot punch holes in the bottom of the pot and place a saucer beneath. Water the Easter lily only when the soil is dry to the touch. Water thoroughly, so water flows freely out the bottom of the pot. Discard any water that drains into the saucer. As the flowers open, remove the yellow anthers. Removing anthers prolongs the life of the flower and prevents pollen from staining the white petals.

Flowers should be removed as they wither. After flowering, the Easter lily can be saved and planted outdoors. Place the plant in a sunny window after flowering. Continue watering when needed. Fertilize once or twice a month with fertilizer for houseplants. Transplant the flower outdoors when the danger of frost has passed. The site you choose for planting should be well drained.

When planting, place the bulb 6 inches deep. The original plant will die back within a few weeks. Cut back old growth to the surface of the soil. New growth should emerge by summer. Around the turn of the century the Japanese took over the annual Easter lily growing and exportation to the United States, which continued until World War II.

The current U. Houghton distributed the bulbs freely to horticulture friends and neighbors. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the source of bulbs from Japan was abruptly cut off. The value of lily bulbs skyrocketed. The lily is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. Churches continue this tradition, surrounding their alters and crosses with Easter lilies to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and hope of everlasting life.

Care of Easter Lilies Easter lilies prefer moderately cool temperatures. Planting Outdoors Place the plant in a sunny window after flowering. Resources Events News search. Privacy Sitemap.

Caring for your Easter Lily

Is there anything more synonymous with spring than beautiful Easter lilies Lilium longiflorum? If you are gifting someone a lily this Easter, or decorating your own home with these incredible blooms, keep in mind the following tips for making sure they grow and thrive. Enclose this article, or even write-up your own lily-care tips in pretty calligraphy to gift along with the plant. At the store, select a lily that is not fully in bloom, but with a variety of buds and blooms, to keep a succession of pretty flowers coming.

No matter where they grow, Easter Lilies delight with natural blooms and snow-white hues. Also known as the Trumpet Lily for its full flowers, this plant's.

How To Take Care Of An Easter Lily Plant After Easter – Indoors or Outside

Every holiday has its own cherished traditions that are lovingly passed down from generation to generation. At Easter, these joyous traditions often include egg decorating, gift baskets, chocolate bunnies, local church services, family gatherings, parades, and, of course, the Easter Lily. For many, its beautiful trumpet-shaped blossoms symbolize purity, hope, and life -- the spiritual essence of Easter -- and all the promises of Spring. History, mythology, and art are filled with stories and images that speak of the beauty and majesty of the elegant white flowers. One of the most famous Biblical references is in the Sermon on the Mount, when Christ said, "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Through the ages, allegorical tales have linked lilies to the sacrament of motherhood. Ancient fables tell us the lily sprang from the milk of Hera, the mythological Queen of Heaven. Roman mythology credits lilies to Juno, the queen of the gods.

Easter Lilies

Peace lily blends handsome leaves with nearly nonstop blooms. M y wife, Judy, and I have a peace lily in the living room, a peace lily in the TV room, and a peace lily in the bedroom. Heck, we even have one in our bathroom. They were gifts from her former boyfriend, and to show the world just how compassionate and generous I am, they're all still living and blooming.

The Easter Lily industry is an American success story.

History & Care of the Easter Lily

Your spring tablescape just got prettier. Around Spring and Easter , flower shops and grocery stores are filled with potted Easter lilies Lilium longiflorum. The beautiful white flower has a rich history within Christianity as a symbol of purity, innocence, and rebirth. And since it blooms in the spring to coincide with the holiday, the flowers are most often associated with the resurrection of Christ. Whether you pick them up for symbolic reasons or for the big gorgeous blooms, we have the care instructions you need to keep your lilies going strong. Rest assured, "The Easter lily is a pretty easy plant to care for," says Gatanas.

Easter Lily Care – What To Do With An Easter Lily Plant After Easter

Easter lily Lilium longiflorum plants are a sign of spring and of course Easter. They are usually only available during the week or two before Easter and usually put on closeout the week after the holiday is over. This makes growing them and in particular getting them into flower at the right time a challenge, especially since the Easter holiday is usually on a different date each spring, ranging as early as the last Sunday in March to the third Sunday in April. The actual date is determined by a formula involving the spring equinox and the date of a particular full moon. To the casual observer this would not be a problem. However, to a greenhouse grower who might produce several hundred thousand Easter lilies, this can be a real challenge. Then some enterprising farmers, who had started growing their own bulbs took over.

The key to indoor growth is to keep your lily in bright, indirect lighting. Avoid.

Here are our top tips for growing a dazzling display of lilies in your own garden or patio. There are many different varieties of lily, but the best known are the Asiatic and Oriental hybrids. Asiatic lilies tend to flower earlier than Oriental lilies and do not normally have any scent.

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Spring is the perfect time to add Easter lilies to your indoor plant collection. While shopping for your perfect Easter lily, look for one that looks healthy but not yet in full bloom. Try to pick an Easter lily with tight buds and lush green leaves. Look for any signs of pest infestation or disease: yellowing, wilting leaves, webbing, or holes in the leaves. Check to see what kind of pot the Easter lily has been kept in. Check the pot to make sure it has good drainage; if not, your plant may have root rot.

A traditional Easter holiday plant that produce long, thick stems supporting large, pristine white, trumpet lilies that exude a strong fragrance.

For those reasons and many more, Easter lilies are a popular potted flower this time of year. According to the U. The Easter lily is native to the southern islands of Japan. Western explorers helped spread the bulbs across the globe. Japan was the top exporter of Easter lilies to the U. Then growing the bulbs in the U.

Choose a location with full or morning sun and afternoon shade. When choosing a location for planting Easter lilies outside, keep in mind that an Easter lily plant can grow 3 feet 1 m. Plant the Easter lily outdoors in May. Choose a well-drained, sunny site.

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