Cashew fruit tree seeds

Cashew fruit tree seeds

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Cashew fruit tree seeds

This is the place to post new species, seeds,

sasines, new information. It is designed to keep us up to date.

It can be used by people looking for these plants to buy seeds and seedlings.

People looking for information on a particular species can look through

the posts on a species. Also use this place to comment on old species and

people who might want to swap information.

Re: Chewing a nut can be a good exercise for you -

but only for a few people

When I was at primary school we were taught that chewing a nut could cause gum

leaks. However when I was in secondary school we were told by the teachers

that children were chewing a nut and then spitting the seed out.

I read somewhere on here about people chewing a nut, spitting it out and then

re-chewing it to see if it had worked (or whether it would work).

This was the original question. Some people apparently do this. So should

the health authorities recommend that you should chew your nuts thoroughly,

spit it out and then re-chew it.

If I remember correctly, there was a study on people who did this with a

nut the had been roasted. About 30% of the participants with this habit had

gum disease. The rest of the group did not. So it is a problem for people.

I would be very interested to hear what people thought of this.

Re: Re: Chewing a nut can be a good exercise for you -

but only for a few people

I'm surprised that people don't chew their nuts before swallowing.

The reason I am surprised is because I chew my nuts like a

chimpanzee would, the back of my jawbone (which is located at

the back of my throat). I would rather chew the nut and then

swallow the nut than put it in my mouth and try to swallow it.

Then, if I still don't swallow the nut then I would open my

mouth, put it in my mouth, spit it out, and then re-chew it.

If I have to open my mouth and put the nut in my mouth I would

probably swallow it.

If I chew the nut, spit it out, and then re-chew it, I would

more than likely swallow it. But, I would also then have the

nut stuck in my throat, so I would need to take a few seconds to

let it dissolve (not a great option when on the road and have to

catch my breath).

If I don't chew my nuts before swallowing then I would probably

put it in my mouth and try to swallow it as if I just bit it,

or bite it, or whatever, and if I swallow the nut, I would have

to wait for it to dissolve before I can take another bite. If I

get stuck in my throat with the nut and I cannot get it out, I

would need to take a few seconds to let it dissolve. And if I

get stuck in my throat with the nut and I can't dislodge it, I

would then cough to try to force it out. And if that doesn't

work, I would have to get medical help.

The point being, some animals have to chew their nuts so that

they can swallow it, so why would we need to swallow it whole?


The thing you have misunderstood is that they chew up and swallow the kernels, without even chewing the husks. Many animals that chew and swallow nuts, in my experience (though don't know anything about ants), are no more likely to choke themselves with nuts than with peanuts.


"Choking" isn't always a threat. It's more like an occasional nuisance that can become dangerous if you are not aware. If you do your own research about it you will come to understand the nature of the danger as well as what you can do to avoid it.

There is no way to give a 100% guaranteed that choking is not going to happen at least once while you are eating nuts. That's just the way it is. This is true whether you eat them raw, roasted, salted, unsalted, etc.

It sounds like you don't like the idea of choking. It's not necessary and probably a bad thing to try to force your jaws closed around anything.

First things first, know your nuts: their size, shape, hardness, etc. When you are ready, practice choking on them. The good news is that no nut or seed will ever damage your esophagus. The bad news is that there are some nuts and seeds that could damage your esophagus.

When you are comfortable with choking on a large nut, you should be able to practice choking on smaller, harder nuts. If it turns out you can't do this and you are comfortable with your own skill level, you can purchase and use a choke-proof tool. You should really have a couple of these on hand because they may become very useful.


Allergic reactions can sometimes lead to choking. While it's possible, even likely, that your allergies will never cause this issue, it is something to be aware of, just in case.

If you do become ill from something you ate, the last thing you want is to be blamed for the incident (and in fact, it is very rare for a person to be blamed for an anaphylactic reaction - they just happen, and usually, there's no good reason for them to happen). So, as with any medical situation, if you suspect you're going to have an anaphylactic reaction, you should stop eating and go to the hospital immediately.


There are a number of good reasons for not eating certain types of nuts.

I'll cover some of them here, but in order to be a bit more helpful I recommend that you read the links I've posted:

Food allergies.

I would also recommend that you read about anaphylaxis (the life-threatening kind).

Also, I'd recommend you read about anaphylactic reactions in particular.

There are two main classes of anaphylaxis: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is a severe IgE-mediated (immediate-type) reaction, which is triggered by food allergies. Types 2 and 3 are mediated by non-IgE mediated (delayed-type) and do not have a known trigger, but are often triggered by food allergies, and may be more likely to occur in atopic patients. In the case of peanut allergies, it is particularly important that you read that link, so you know what


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