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Lasagna with spinach, ricotta and fresh basil

Lasagna with spinach, ricotta and fresh basil is an original recipe that should surprise your guests but also your taste buds as they are fragrant.Ingredients for 6 people: Plates of lasagna 1 B├ęchamel sauce made with 25 cl of milk (optional) 400 g of Fresh or frozen spinach 250 g ricotta 50 g grated Parmesan Salt, pepper, 1 shallot 1 large bunch of basil Olive oil Recipe for lasagna with spinach and fresh basil The recipe for lasagna with spinach and basil is both original, tasty and easy to make.
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Basil in pot: on the terrace, balcony and indoors

Growing basil in a pot is a great growing idea to flavor summer dishes In summary, what you need to know: Name: Ocimum basilicum Family: Lamiaceae Type: Aromatic plant Height: 20 to 40 cm Exposure: Sunny Soil: Light, well drained Harvest: May In October Forget about buying frozen or dried basil and opt for picking according to your needs while discovering the true flavor of basil.
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Prune a mulberry tree

HomeJM TVPruning a mulberryPruning a mulberry is a stage in the fruiting of the bramble and the harvest of blackberries. At the end of winter, this is the time and the pruning technique to properly prune a mulberry tree and thus improve blackberry production.
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Vegetable garden

Taro: an exotic plant with many advantages

Taro in summary: Latin name: Colocasia esculenta Common names: Taro, caribbean cabbage, madeira, songe, dachine, malanga Family: Araceae Types: Perennial, vegetable Height: 1 m to 1.50 m Planting distance: 50 cm Exposure: Sunny to half-shaded Soil: Non-limestone, loose and humus Plantation: March-April Harvest: December-January Taro, Madeira, Dream, Dachine, Malanga or Caribbean Cabbage; behind all these names, hides a tuberous perennial plant with many interests.
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Food recipes

Savory spinach pie

The savory spinach pie is a great classic for all lovers of shortcrust pastry, here is a wonderful recipe.Ingredients for 4 people: 80 g baby spinach or mesclun 20 g semi-salted butter 2 slices of raw ham 1 tsp. corn starch 10 cl milk 25 cl fresh cream 3 whole eggs Salt, freshly ground pepper For the shortcrust pastry: 250 g flour 125 g semi-salted butter 1 egg yolk 5 cl water at room temperature Salted pie with sprouts For the shortcrust pastry: In a bowl (or on a work surface), sift the flour, dig a well and place the butter cut into pieces, the egg yolk, the water, then the salt.
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Lavender, a southern accent in the garden

A honey plant with fragrant flowers and aromatic foliage, easy to grow, lavender is a staple in gardens.It smells of the Mediterranean region! Lavender thrives in dry, well-drained, sandy or rocky soils, and in full sun. "It grows in abundance, particularly in Provence, where there are vast expanses of mauve lavender fields in summer," emphasizes Caz Hildebrand, author of the magnificent book Herbarium, (published by Marabout).
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